Teachers Workshop

A two-day CBSE workshop on ‘Classroom Management’ was organized at our School on 10th and 11th August , 2019 in the MPH hall. It was conducted by resource persons, Ms. Seetalaxmi, Ms. Amruta Prabhu, Mr.Angel Carvalho , and Ms. Manohar Mahajan who enlightened the teachers with tips on effective classroom management.

The workshop focused on the elements of classroom management which include- content management, conduct management and covenant management. Various activities were undertaken to illustrate these elements with an involvement of the listeners. The teachers also got a chance to display their ideas of ‘Dream Classrooms’ fitted with the latest facilities.

There was emphasis on addressing the concerns of students and reducing stress by substituting punishments with consequences.

The workshop was an interactive one which helped the teachers devises innovative strategies which can be applied in real classroom situations. Overall, it was an excellent refresher for the teachers.

Math Teachers have attended Math workshop under Hubs of learning on ‘Integration Math with Arts’ on 17th September, 2019 in Army Public School.

Secondary Teachers have attended Math, Science & SST workshop under Hubs of learning on 7th December 2019 in Army Public School

Teachers have attended The Awakened Citizen Program and Facilitation Development (ACP) on 30th & 31st August 2019 in Global Indian International School, Chinchwad.