Learning Resources

Digital learning is meant to enhance the learning experience rather than replace traditional methods altogether.
Digital Learning Is Making Students Self-Motivated and More Accountable.
Digital Learning Makes Students Smarter
Digital Learning Tools Involve Educators and Parents to a Deeper Extent.
Increasing Student's Employability with Digital Learning Tools and Technology.
Traditional Education Methods Have To Be Replaced.

Digital learning tools and technology fill the gaps where traditional classroom teaching falls behind.
So we LBK's use a Smart Board (digital learning material) to enable students to develop effective self-directed learning skills. They are able to identify what they need to learn, find and use online resources; This increases their efficiency and productivity. In addition to engaging students, digital learning tools and technology sharpen critical thinking skills, which are the basis for the development of analytic reasoning. Children also develop positive feelings of accomplishment from mastering new knowledge and skills using digitized learning tools giving them the confidence they need to want to learn even more new things.